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       The cross-section of my work from 2005 to 2011 is in the presented portfolio.The concept of the painting consists mainly in the treating of serious, up to date, existential themes and sensations; the skeptical scrutiny of the nature of today's postmodern humanity and the sense of its forthcoming existence.The main and common denominator is a man and his inner experience, whether conscious or unconscious. The paintings oscillate between the real and symbolic understanding based on ambivalence.The speech of the painter is mostly expressive in the reduced colour palette, sometimes on the verge between drawing and monochrome painting. Literary work is a parallel part of my artistic endeavor. Poems and sketches are a form of diary recording and they are an inseparable part of my work.
Most of the paintings on this website are offered for sale. I also work made-to-order. Price as per agreement.


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